Delinquency in Society by Robert M. Regoli

Delinquency in Society

Book Title: Delinquency in Society

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 1284002586

Author: Robert M. Regoli

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Robert M. Regoli with Delinquency in Society

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A Thoroughly Revised and Updated Ninth Edition of the Leading Text in the Field

Delinquency in Society is a balanced and up-to-date examination of the historical, social, and theoretical contexts of delinquency. A comprehensive and systematic overview of juvenile delinquency, criminal behavior, and status-offending youths, the text includes an overview of critical theories on delinquency and juvenile crime as well as a review of historical and institutional responses to delinquency. Clear, accessible language, a student-friendly approach, and fully updated research make the text suitable for students in undergraduate and graduate criminology and sociology programs. The text's focus on interdisciplinary analysis encourages student critical thinking and connection-building.

The revised and updated ninth edition includes new sections on gender and violence, biological and biosocial theories of violence, gang violence, and an expanded discussion of bullying in schools, zero-tolerance policies, and reducing school risk factors for bullying. The ninth edition incorporates the most current statistics and research and includes case studies and discussion questions to prompt student engagement and self-directed study. Long considered the best and most accessible text available on delinquency, Delinquency in Society is the most thoroughly and accurately researched delinquency text on the market and is a superb reference for students at all stages of their academic careers.

The revised and updated ninth edition includes:

• A full ancillary suite of instructor support materials, including PowerPoint lecture outlines, an Image Bank, and a Test Bank
• Full student access to the companion website, which features a variety of interactive and engaging study tools (included in the price of a new print textbook)
• A balanced, apolitical approach that prompts student engagement, discussion, and critical thinking
• The most current research across multiple related fields, including psychology, psychiatry, and public health
• New, up-to-date content, including new box features throughout that provide further insight into contemporary issues
• A student-friendly approach designed to engage students and encourage exploration and self-directed study